Taiwan Society of Transparency and Integrity Governance (hereinafter referred to as the Society) is a non-profit public welfare social organization established in accordance with the law to essentially enhance the transparency of social and industrial governance, and establish an integrity system. The purpose is to respond to the international community’s concern about the trends and needs of transparency, integrity, and good governance, establishing an integrity-related research think tank center.

Promoted and implemented in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the tasks of this Society are as follows:

1.Establish a platform for the exchange of knowledge between the industry, government, and academia, and through the development of academic research programs, improve the transparency of domestic corporate management and governance and the level of establishing an integrity system.

2.Establish an exchange platform for the friendship societies and related associations, hold the various seminars and symposiums, promote the resource integration, mutual assistance and cooperation, and jointly enhance the transparency of industrial governance and the popularization of the establishment of an integrity system.

3.Promote the talent and academic exchanges between the colleges, universities and this Society, and combine the social resources to strengthen the exchange of experience among the members and the understanding of trends and needs for the transparency, integrity, and good governance.

4.Assist all government departments to develop the transparency and integrity governance, promote the lifelong learning of the members, and absorb the new international knowledge to enhance the governance capabilities.

5.The publication of thesis on the transparency and integrity governance and the issuance of related publications.

6.Other matters related to the achievement for the purpose of this Society.